4 Digits of Diagnostic Analysis Tester Desktop Motherboard PCI ISA Card



n100% Brand new and high quality!
nThis motherboard diagnostic card is a power on self-test device that will provide you with an error code.
nboth bus ISA and PCI bus are suitable.
ndetermining defects by difference sounds coding with built-in speaker.
ncan diagnose the motherboard signal that shows the problem of CPU, memory, video card, etc.
nthe display of the POST code is composed of a double, dot-matrix hexadecimal read-out that can display On Self Test (POST) status codes.
nsupport the working indicator power source … + 5 V, + 12 V, + 3.3 V and 12 V (When the indicator light is to indicate its respective power is good, otherwise to indicate its respective power is a failure).
nfully compatible with any type of motherboards that have the PCI bus slot and ISA.
nauto remote control display function.
ndual display of POST-code-User can read from POST on PCB component and solder side. it is easy to see the POST code when the user plugs the POSTAL card into the computer system.
nRecall previous postal codes at the touch of a button.
nMotherboard Color: Green
nDoors: PCI / ISA
nsize: 85 * 90mm
nPackage includes:
n1 * motherboard Diagnostic 4 Digit Card
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