CNC Single Axis TB6600 0-4.5A Two Phase Hybrid Stepper Motor Driver



nThis is a high-quality, high-power, cost-effective Motor Driver
nHigh current 4.5A, high voltage 45V, output short circuit protection, superior performance!
nautomatic half current function. And a semi-automatic flow switch, easy to use.
nthe use of high-speed optical coupling 6N137 ensure high-speed without losing step.
nUsed to increase the heat sink, good heat dissipation.
nUsing common anode input mode, there are two input terminals, wiring more convenient.
nFor 4.2A 42,57,86 within the two-phase / four-phase / four-wire / six-wire stepper motor.
nAutomatic half current function.
nLow-pressure shut-off, overheating parking and over-current protection circuit, short-circuit protection
nType: TB6600
nOperating voltage DC 10V-45V. DC32V
nSize: 8 x 5 x 3.5cm
nNet Weight : 118.3g
nPackage includes:
n1 x Motor Driver


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