HW-585 DC 12V PWM CPU Fan Temperature Control Speed Controller CPU High-Temp Alarm



nOperating voltage: DC12V
ncircuit load capacity: maximum current output per 5A, current up to bus 9A
noutput range: first channel 20% -100%, or 40% -100% (TFL = ON)
nsecond channel and second Three channels 10% -100%
n(Note: The above range only the PWM range, the fan varies depending on the actual control effect.)
nTemperature probe parameters: 50k B = 3950
nthermostat temperature zone error: probe depending on error temperature, Generally 3-5%
nstall alarm minimum speed: 700-800 rpm
nfunction setting switch Description:
nTFL (No. 1): minimum temperature channel PWM setting, when the state FAN1 PWM minimum 40%, OFF minimum PWM FAN1 is 20%.
nTP1 TP2 (No.2, 3): Temperature channel control temperature zone should be interpreted as follows in use temperature probe):
nTP1 TP2 acceleration temperature full speed temperature
noff 35 ° C 45 ° C
noff 40 ° C 55 ° C
nOff 50 ° C 70 ° C
n60 ° C
nA temperature lower than 90 ° C Accelerated temperature, minimum rotation speed at the output; more than all temperature, always full speed at the output.
nBF1 BF2 (No. 4, 5): Supported FAN1 FAN2 Stall alarm function switch, open channel fan disassembled when supported, controller soundand and light (operate with the puzzle), automatically excluded fan rotation recovered. BF1 and BF2 both open (ON), FAN1, FAN2 or one or both stop, the controller is alarm!
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