KK Multicopter V5.5 KK Flight Control Circuit Blackboard V2.9 For RC



KK multi-axis control board official V5.5 versions have the following characteristics:
n1 low-cost design, simple structure, convenient debugging and repair;
nThe 2 onboard 3 axis gyro sensor, through 3 potentiometers can set the main function and regulating the
ngyro sensitivity;
n3 standard PPM signal output, support the vast majority of ordinary commodity electric and all types of
nsteering gear, without special electric adjustment;
nThe 4 receivers can be directly connected to the flight control panels, no correlation or changing the receiver
n5 hardware support for single axis (UFO), 2 axes (Afanda helicopter), Y type 3, Y type 4 axle shaft, 4 shafts +
nmode and X mode, Y 6 and HEX6 axis;
n6 of the existing version had can achieve stable hover (depends on the reasonable collocation,
ncommissioning and operation experience), mode of operation is similar to but more easily adapt to the
nThe performance of 7.DIY type aircraft can make a somersault and brush pot and other large dynamic
nstunts; stable long endurance aircraft can be used for the aerial, small range of activities to replace the
ncomplex and expensive helicopter.
nSpecial tips:
nWhen installed, the installation of the main control board is the direction of the arrowhead!
nFor the product name to Seller: KK V5.5 “X” 4 program mode 4 axis/flight control board
nFactory number: KKXCAM
nThe main control board size: 5*5CM
nThe main control board, net weight: 13g
nPackage Included
n1 Pcs flight control board
n4 Pcs connecting line
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