Nitro Fuel Racing Car Kyosho Mini Inferno ST-09



The ultimate racing winning chassis technology of the Inferno, proven with 7-time World Championship crowns, has been concentrated into half its original size. Then add a specially designed 09-class engine from the world’s greatest high-performance model engine manufacturer; SIRIO and the performance is simply dynamic! The Inferno’s design has been scaled down so the original structure and shape are reproduced and the Mini-Inferno loses none of its World Championship winning build quality. This machine gives you that irrepressible feeling of GP power like no other. The factory-built chassis is also available as a Readyset package including radio system, Ni-MH receiver battery and starter box.

Nitro fuel  racing car for hobbyists Kyosho Mini Inferno ST-09

nChassis Technical Data
nLength 275mm
nWidth 170mm
nHeight 100mm
nGround Clearance 15~25mm
nWheelbase 188mm
nTread (F/R) 145mm
nTire(F/R) F64(D)?25(W)mm
nGear Ratio 8.3:1
nWeight 950g (approx.)
nEngine SIRIO 09 (1.5cc)
nFeatures the same high-tech mechanics of the 7-time consecutive World Champion 1/8 Inferno.
nMaximum speeds of more than 42km/H achieved with gear ratio optimised for the awesome power of the SIRIO 09 engine!
nKey components such as the aluminium main chassis have been reinforced to harness the power of the SIRIO engine.
nSome optional parts from the electric version of the Mini-Inferno can also be installed.
nARR Kit Contents
nFactory assembled chassis
nPre-cut clear body
n6V-500mAh Ni-MH receiver & servo battery
nSpecial Glow Plug (spare plug included)
nCross Wrench
nFront Hubs for setting adjustment x 2
nRear lower suspension holders for setting adjustment x 3
nSpare air cleaner


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