100KHz-1.7GHz Full Band RTL.SDR + UpConverter Wide SDR Receiver

RTL-sdr technical specifications
-Fully used for assembly and preparation
-Application R820 T2 chipset
Operating frequency of 1766 MHz to -100 kHz
-Cover VHF & UHF band from 24-1766 Mhz
-Up to 3.2 meters sample rate. (~ 2.8 MHz stable)
-Receiver mode nfm, FM, dsb, USB, LSB & CW
-Note: rely on SDR software use receiver
-8 bits ADC give ~ 50 dB dynamic range
-50-ohm input impedance
-Double sma golden antenna connector
-Diode protection on rf input
-Aluminum panel
-led power and band display
Hf conversion for -40 MHz local oscillator
-dbm balance ring mixer
-Small size board
-Free software
-Independent antenna input for shortwave and VHF
-USB computer connection (mini USB) mounted common USB
-Very high dynamic range receiver
-Accurate and efficient band filter
-Very clean audio reception
-All specifications are changed without notice
The whole set contents:
1 x test telescopic antenna
1 x Main unit
1 x USB cable

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