LED Display DC 3-30V Car Digital Voltage Meter


Product description

Measuring range:DC 0~100V
Operating voltage:DC 3.0~30V
Min input: DC 0V
Max input: DC 100V
Measurement accuracy:1 %(+/- 1 digit)
Refresh Rate:about 200mS/times
Operating Temperature:-10 °c ~ +65 °c
Power consumption: 5-15mA in normal condition
Display:Three 0.28 ” LED digital tube
Display Color:Green/Red/Blue/Yellow
Cutting size:23.5mm x 10mm
Mounting holes distance:28mm
Red: Power Supply +,(3.0~ 30V DC)
White: Measure Voltage +,0~ 100V DC)
Black: Power Supply -, Measure Voltage –

Package Include:
1x Digital Panel Voltmeter
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