XL6019 5A Max Current DC DC to DC Adjustable Boost Power Board Module


1. Using the traditional BOOST topology works in a constant pressure output program, the internal integration MOSFET he cost is low, minus the peripheral devices, system; & have spent
2. Wide range of input voltage, input voltage up to 35 v. and spent
3. The output voltage can be adjusted, the maximum can be supported by 40 V;
4. The built-in thermal protection, overcurrent protection complete protection circuit reliability, high reliability;
5. The conversion efficiency of the system can reach more than 90%, comfortable thermal design;
6. TO263-5L standard package, suitable for 30 W less than the application thrust.

Use of the module:
1. Access power (3-35 V), the power light, the module is working properly.
2. blue potentiometer knob adjustment (usually counterclockwise clockwise buck boost,) using multimeter to monitor the output voltage at voltage.

Issues that need attention:
1. Recommended long working hours within 2.5 A of current, at the same time combined with looseHot integrated circuit (10 W above output); Due to the power amplifier module, in order to ensure stable output, please keep the minimum of 1.5V differential pressure.

Application case:
1. The power supply board computer adjusted, this input module can only need to be connected to the car power supply point of a cigarette holder, can adjust the potentiometer, the output voltage can be arbitrarily adjusted to 5V-30V for your mobile phone, MP3, MP4, PSP charge, and many other devices, power supply, very simple and convenient.

2. Power supply for electronic equipment, when the equipment needs 5 V-35 V power supply and the corresponding supply voltage supply When the module can be used to facilitate the voltage for the voltage required to solve the problem.

3. The operating voltage test system, when doing the project can use this debugging module the various voltage Test operating voltage range system, very easy and convenient.


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